Honeymoon FAQs

What are some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations?

These tried and true honeymoon destinations offer some of the most romantic scenery, activities and memories for your special time together: Hawaii, The Maldives, Indonesia (specifically Bali), France, Fiji, Greece, Italy and Spain.

We'd like to do some adrenalin pumping activities on our honeymoon. What are some destinations which will make this a trip we will never forget?

If you're not the kind of couple to stay cooped up in a hotel room for days on end, some adrenalin pumping activities in some of the following destinations may offer just the right thrills and memories you are looking for: base jumping in New Zealand, bungee jumping from the world's highest bungee jump point in South Africa, paragliding in Turkey, zip lining in Costa Rica, tiger cuddling and receiving a massage from an elephant in Thailand, cave diving in Mexico, or white water rafting in Zimbabwe. Alternatively, you might find an adrenalin rush at the casino tables in Las Vegas. For a more detailed answer, check out this nifty article.

We're on a tight budget but really have our hearts set on an overseas honeymoon. Are there any affordable overseas destinations for our honeymoon?

Many airlines offer cheap honeymoon packages in conjunction with hotel and resort accommodation, which are perfect for couples on a budget. Destinations which aren't too far from home are always the most affordable and some of the most popular are: Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

We don't really like the idea of a beach-side honeymoon. What are some other exotic honeymoon destinations?

Exotic honeymoons are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture whilst you immerse yourselves in your love for one another. They also make a great talking point at parties, years down the track. Some popular, yet unique, exotic honeymoon destinations include: Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan, Iceland, Turkey and Peru.

When should we start booking an overseas honeymoon?

Like everything else wedding-related, the honeymoon should be arranged as early as possible. Flights book up fast, especially during holiday seasons, so it's best to start booking your flights 3-6 months ahead of time. Some airlines work in conjunction with resorts to offer special honeymoon packages so you can hit two birds with one stone. Sometimes, booking through a travel agent, rather than online, can save you more time and money. You may also be able to pay off your tickets in instalments if you go through a travel agent.

What expenses are involved in an overseas honeymoon?

Expenses can add up quickly on a honeymoon and the ones that will eat most significantly into your budget are airfares, accommodation, visas, car rental, meals, cocktails, souvenirs, sightseeing trips, taxes, massages and/or spa treatments.

Do we need to get any shots before the honeymoon?

This depends on your honeymoon destination. If you are going overseas, make sure to check with your doctor at least three months in advance as some vaccinations require multiple shots before leaving the country and may need to be spaced out with six or eight weeks in between injections. Some doctor's surgeries may also need to order the vaccines in especially, which means you may be waiting on the delivery for a few days or even weeks. This is why it's best to arrange your shots as early as possible.

What restrictions are there on the souvenirs that we can bring back with us?

Australian quarantine laws are strict and you must be careful when bringing any plant or animal products back with you. Generally speaking, souvenirs made of shell or coconut products are a no-no. You must be careful when bringing wooden souvenirs back as they need to be completely sealed in varnish, or a similar sealant, or else they will be confiscated at the customs desk. Seeds usually aren't allowed nor are unsealed food packages. Some dried fruit products in sealed packages are okay, such as mango, whilst others, such as bananas, are not. Also, be aware that you can only bring 2.25 litres of alcohol and/or 50 cigarettes with you from outside the country. Check with your travel agent for more details about customs restrictions.

When we go on the honeymoon, we will already be married. Should I book my ticket with my maiden name or married name?

Your ticket needs to be in the same name as your passport so you will need to use your maiden name for all of your honeymoon travel arrangements. When you arrive back home, you can start the process of changing your name on all of your identification documents.

When should we start booking an interstate honeymoon?

Interstate honeymoons don't require as much planning ahead but you should start looking into your transport options about three months ahead of time. If you're planning on flying, you may also need to book a rental car before you arrive at your destination. Some hotels and resorts have special honeymoon suites which book up fast so make sure to get in early to cash in on the special treatment.

Can we have more than one honeymoon?

Of course! This has been done for decades, especially when couples are on a tight budget after the wedding or are unable to take much time off work. Many couples choose to have a weekend getaway in a local hotel or B&B and then go on a more exotic honeymoon later (usually on the first anniversary) when they have had time to save up the cash to do so.

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