Choosing The Perfect Place To Honeymoon

Honeymoons have become the “best part of the wedding” for brides and grooms in the millennium. Magical places from frozen ice caves in the arctic to castle hopping around Europe. Honeymoons have become more about how unique an experience can be instead of just relaxing and “getting away”.
Here are a few things you can do to choose the perfect spot to make your honeymoon magical:

Pick Your Dream Location

Where is the one place you would go if you could go anywhere in the world? Floating down the Amazon, hunting for lost treasures? This should be your starting point for planning your vacation. For example, you may dream of going on safari in Africa. Plan that honeymoon, if you can. But if you can’t, you can plan a honeymoon that offers you something similar. You might go to a place in South America that allows you to see exotic animals and beautiful landscapes. The trip won’t be as long or expensive, but you can still enjoy some of what you are longing for in your dream location.

Determine Your Budget

Unless you’re getting a lot of help from family and friends, you are going to be paying for your honeymoon yourself. It may be worth it to you to dip deep into your savings to plan the trip of your lifetime. On the other hand, you may want to keep your budget low so that you don’t start your married life in debt.
Set a loose budget before you plan your honeymoon. You can then narrow down your location choices based on what you have to spend. For example, going to Australia or East Asia will be much more expensive than going to Europe or South America, and traveling across the country will be more expensive than a road trip close to home.
Many brides and grooms are opting to set up a pre-wedding honeymoon fund in lieu of gifts from guests. Sort of a “Go Fund Me” place that your friends and family can donate to instead of that vase you’ll never use or the China that will just gather dust. This creative way to fund your honeymoon has become a less invasive way to start off life together – in other words, you won’t come home broke!

Determine Your Time Frame

These are precious days/weeks that you will never forget and have worked tirelessly to accrue – don’t waste them! When you are going on your honeymoon and how much time you have to spend will play a big role in determining your location. For example, if you only have a week in January, you probably don’t want to go to Russia or Japan because you’ll spend a lot of that time on a plane and you’ll be exposed to freezing cold temperatures while you are there. Instead, you might have more fun (and more time) in the Bahamas or somewhere else in the Caribbean.

Be Honest About Your Travel Style

What do you like to do on vacation? Do you prefer to relax, or do you like to take in the cultural sites, like museums and plays? Does your future spouse share the same travel style? You’ll want to head to a location that offers activities that you will enjoy, and you’ll want to plan an itinerary that appeals to you both. You don’t want to over plan and cause your spouse to be stressed out, and you don’t want to under plan and cause one of you to be bored. Find a happy medium that will result in a fun trip for you both.

Make your honeymoon one that you’ll remember for the loving time you spent together and the wonderful memories you made — not for the arguing and bickering you did the whole time. Choose the perfect honeymoon location by finding a place that you will both love and that will fit your budget and then planning the right itinerary. It will be the perfect start to your married life.

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