Caring For Your Rings

Physical Activity

Essentially, it's ideal to keep the ring physically separated from all activities that might potentially damage it (including the stones, the setting, as well as the band itself). This means keeping it off when engaging in any vigorous activity, such as:

  • Any sport where it's liable to get knocked around
  • Swimming. Rings tend to loosen in water, making it easier to lose your ring. Additionally,  chlorinated pool water can discolour the mounting on your ring. Gold and silver rings in particular have a high chance of becoming very discoloured over time if continually exposed to the chemicals in swimming pools.
  • The gym.
  • Gardening.


Common Products We Encounter

 Your ring can similarly be affected by the hundreds of products we come into contact with everday. To conserve the ring's condition as best as possible, remember to:

  • Take your ring off for all hands on activities in the kitchen, especially when hand mixing foods like pastry or dough (bits of food can become stuck in the ring's setting or leave a layer of film on your ring, which will affect its luster).
  • Housework, as certain chemicals can have an effect on the metal (in particular, chlorine and bleach)
  • Remove your ring when applying everyday lotions such as sunscreen and perfume. These can clog up your diamond, and even etch coloured gemstones.
  • Remove your ring when making contact with any water, which includes washing your hands and showering. This can 'age' the metal faster, meaning that you'll need to take it for a professional cleaning more often, which can end up costing hundreds of dollars extra in a few short years.


Cleaning and Caring for Your Ring

  • When you do have your wedding ring off, remember to store it in a safe place. It's the last thing you'll want to misplace. Remember to keep diamonds in a separate place from your other jewellery so as to avoid scratches.
  • Most insurance companies will include your ring under your home insurance, but you can always opt to have it insured separately.
  • If your ring is made of white gold, have it re-rhodiumed every 12- 18 months to get it's original shine. This process involves applying a layer of rhodium (a silvery- coloured metal belonging to the platinum family) to the ring.
  • If your ring is not made of white gold, have it professionally cleaned every 1-2 years to get the same effect of original shine. 
  • Keep your ring looking good by cleaning it. To do this, simply brush it gently in the front and back of the mounting with a soft brush. Then rinse it a few times in hot water. If you want some extra shine, try soaking your diamond ring in a solution that is 3 parts water and 1 part ammonia. Set the enggagement ring on tissue paper, or gently pat it dry.

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